Barbee, Dave

Primary Position: Left Field
Birthplace: Greensboro

First, Last Names: David Monroe

Date of Birth:  May 7, 1905    Date and Place of Death: July 1, 1968, Albemarle
Burial: Guilford Memorial Park, Greensboro

High School: Pomona High School, Greensboro
College: Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA

Bats: R             Throws: R        Height and Weight: 5-11, 178
Debut Year: 1926       Final Year: 1932          Years Played: 2
Teams and Years: Philadelphia Athletics, 1926; Pittsburgh Pirates, 1932

Career Summary
G         AB       H         R          RBI      HR       BA.      OBP.    SLG.    WAR
116     374    92      44       60       6         .246     .290     .393     +0.3

To be honest about it, Dave Barbee didn’t amount to much in the major leagues, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t much of a ballplayer. Barbee set records in the minors and absolutely terrorized the competitive industrial leagues that flourished last century amid North Carolina’s textile mills and tobacco factories.

To those blue-collar, lunchbox-toting workers struggling through the Great Depression, David Monroe Barbee was a star.

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